Central Inspection System (CIS): Integrates the independent inspection systems at various departments to form a Central Inspection System. CIS will be responsible for synchronization of multiple inspections and all inspections will be directed through the system.

Inspection schedule: Generate computerized list of units to be inspected based on risk levels of the businesses.

Allocation of the inspectors: Inspector Allocation is based on Algorithm, where Defined Parameters are passed

Inspectors to be informed directly to conduct the inspections based on the inspector scheduling

Inspector scheduling on rotational basis i.e. mandated that same inspector cannot perform two consecutive inspections of the same business/Industry. 

Inspector has to confirm the scheduled Inspection through SMS or by providing consent through web or Through a Helpline Contact Number

The final report to be submitted within 48 hours to the CIS 

If final report is not submitted within the timeline, Inspection will get Discard Automatically.

Digitally Signed final report will be submitted to ensure authenticity.

Final report is to be submitted to concerned Department and establishment through CIS